About Me

 Some throw stones at me, others embrace and revel. They might discover rare oysters, or mere driftwood. I am the undulating Ocean. I do not know my depths.


Hi, I am an Indian and reside in India. I am interested in literature in English and Telugu, Creative Writing, Arts especially sacred arts, Vegan and vegetarian cooking and Organic Gardening, Permaculture Design, Photography, ecological sustainability and volunteer community work. I love exploring the patterns and multiple webs which connect all the above in nature, in relationships and in our consciousness. I have also received formal training, qualifications and work experience in specific areas of some of the above. I am also an Unschooling mother and spiritual seeker, about which I blog separately.

I post some of my work, research and inputs as an active practitioner, and interesting stuff I gather along the way.This blog is also a humble tribute to all my teachers for the best gifts of all – time and patience.

Nothing here is plagiarized though I am not pretentious enough to say that all knowledge is solely mine. Please feel free to comment but do think before you do so.

Happy Browsing 🙂


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