About Me

When people approach me, some smile and walk gently, some run wildly and some others sleep drunkenly. Some throw stones at me, others embrace and revel. They might discover rare oysters, or mere driftwood. I am the undulating Ocean. I do not know my depths.


Hi, I am an Indian and interested in  Permaculture (I am at the last stage of completing the Permaculture Design Course), literature in English and Telugu, Arts, Cooking and Gardening.

I post my work, inputs as an active practitioner, useful updates and interesting stuff I gather along the way.

This blog is also a humble tribute to all my teachers for the best gifts of all – time and patience.

Nothing here is plagiarized though I am not pretentious enough to say that it is all solely mine. Please feel free to comment but do think before you do so.

Happy Browsing 🙂


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