A little drop in the ocean. Urban water conservation experiment

picsart_06-29-09-38-06Post Ekkirala Dwarakanath Jnaneswar’s Permaculture Design Certificate Course, we have been going about with a renewned sense of purpose and feeling empowered with new skills and knowledge. So seeing this common sight of excess fresh water overflowing beneath teh gate, we were moved to do something. This ‘drinking water’ is pumped daily by the Hyderabad municipality to every home and is an addition to the borewell water.

What we did is simply diverted the water to the right where we were using the roadside space to create a small veggie patch.  Using mostly bare hands we created a small barrier with bricks, formed a channel and lined the walls with cocopeat.  As the water began to follow further to the right, we laid the bricks to shape beds in such a water that the water  got maximum dispersal. A slight slope from the boundary wall of the house to the road also helped. Now the veggie patch would be automatically watered with any overflow. Voila! an impromptu action and a feeling of accomplishment!


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