Dance is energy, energy is dance of the cosmos

Photo credits: Unsplash joel, abigail keenan, aaditya siva, john moeses bauan, drew graham, gamze bozkaya

Everywhere we look around us there is movement. There is movement in still life too, only not visible to the naked eye. There is latent heat in stones too. There is potent energy is still air and leaden clouds which erupt in storms and rain. Gaze at a painting closely and one can see the energy of the swirling colours, the energy of the mind and the arms of the painter transferred to canvas. Gaze at the behind the scenes pose of a dancer and there is movement in the taut muscles, lungs and eyes – holding just so!

That energy transcends every barrier, not just race, age, caste, class, country…but also of the skin holding a body, of the body itself.


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