Rose tinted glasses

When parents enroll their kids in dance classes, it appears to me, they put on a pair of multicoloured spectacles, which they almost never take off. From then on, their vision of the world is tinted. Whether consciously or not, they imagine their child will be one day (in the near future, mind you) a prima donna, beautifully adorned, reigning centre stage – a cynosure of all eyes.

I don’t blame them, my own mother had this vision and as a mother I am sure I may be attacked by this ‘flue’ as well. As an artist however, I do believe that, the pinnacle is not the dressed up moment when one is in an adoring public eye but the very moment one no longer wants it. The joy of dancing is not in the applause or acclaim one is going to get at the end; it is in the very process of dancing.

Click here to read what a well knower teacher of dance who has taught celebrities has to say.


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