Food mania

As I spend another lazy morning going over the dailies and weeklies I spot two parallel food trends in today’s world.

One, prices are rising and so are concerns rise about the survival of those Below Poverty Line, Marginally above Poverty Line and such. Experts say that after enjoying the economic boom, we are just following the inflationary devil in other countries. The RBI has taken several debatable measures to curb the increase while the Central Government watches the vote banks dwindle with a worried brow. Ofcourse the current nuclear deal circus in the Indian Government, and possibility of before-term elections has the media relegating this issue to the side columns.

Two, juggling for column space with articles on this issue are those on the nutritional deficiency in excessive (i.e over-processed carbohydrates and wrong fats) food intake (read obesity, life-style disorders). This is not just of the fast-food gorging, alcohol guzzling well-to-do. The not-so-well-to-do are also taking in wrong foods by choice.

Alongside statistics of food wastage, we have statistics of the starving in Ethiopia and Somalia. And even more morbidly funny is the declaration of “Oil prices + Food prices = security crisis” by the developed countries!

What a contradiction! though not much of it is an enigma. What do you think?

As I sit down to breakfast, I had better recheck the menu and say a small prayer.


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