Why the hurry? And where to?

Hey guys n’ gals,
I have been away so long that you might have thought this blog died before living. Heck no, well yes… what I found out was that we all are actually more dead than alive, at least it goes for me very well.
Some good friends of mine survived a bad accident and showed their gratitude to God by quoting what their friends said of them, ‘You survived because you have never wished ill of anyone’. A very good principle I thought, only mildly disturbed by the negative phrasing. It has taken some jerking around of my assumptions to understand that even animals never wish ill of anyone. So why are we on top of the evolutionary chain? What should we be doing? How can we extend our selves; reach out to others, other life forms? Scientists can provide lot of data regarding brain size and brain size versus body size ratios etc. etc. to prove our evolutionary excellence. But in daily life I feel handicapped.

How can I help my neighbours? Water their plants when they are away? Baby sit occasionally? Frankly, not all that much. For everything I offer to do at my complete convenience, I expect the same in return, at my convenience! As for victims of the Jaipur blasts and the China earthquake, thank god, I don’t watch news anymore. Insensitive, cyclical repeats of the same bloodsplattered footage is not good family viewing!! What can I do from here? As it is, water shortage and electricity outage is more than I can cope with, this scorching summer.

Can I claim ‘I am a human being because I care’ or ‘I am a human being because I think’? How many times in my life have I been truly a human being? I wonder.


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