Hello world!

As I walk down the street, I feel its narrowness, the little terraces crammed with activity. The toddler on her tricycle steering clear of all passersby. The old lady shooting up from her chair to hoarsely, eagerly chat to a patient ear. The arrogant smirk of youths on a bike. And yet, look at that pretty pink bloom in that majestic cactus perched high out of harm’s way! Hmm, good thought. But what a cliché. Be original my dear girl.

As I side step the pothole cover with a protruding iron grip, I think, aha, safely avoided potential headline status (‘Fatal accident averted – 30 year old, near diabetic woman rescued by unidentified youths’). Ugh, how horrible to become a statistic, in the end. But not all statistics are bad. We aspire to become one, especially as beginnings go. (‘Tulip Banerjee stands first in All India Medical Rankings’, ‘Miss Lovely (of ‘Fair & Lovely’) Complexion goes to ……’.

Focus, my dear, focus, I tell myself. Now what were you so upset about? Thorn in the rose about? No, thorn in the cactus. No, bloom in the cactus.. . oh get on with it. Life is all about balancing the yin & the yang in life. The rajas and the thamas. The darkness & the light. The positive and the negative. The expanding and the cohesive.

Balance it and then do something about it. Such as, such as… take this walk to be a positive force to healthy life. Stretch your legs, close your eyes, inhale and distend your tummy, exhale, not to forget, contract the said tummy. Move your butt. Move on to a trot.

The headline will now read, ’30 year young, beautiful lady…’ yeech, I beginning to sound like a sorry matrimonial ad. But that’s life; balance it. Match the ad with an appropriate photo. Be a beauty in your own eyes. The eyes of the beholder are beyond your grasp. Set reasonable expectations from yourself. This is the all- too- common American shrink’s credo.

Hang on there. A little more sweat will make the mother proud. Don’t loose your balance. You are a slimmer you, so the streets are not so narrow after all and those youths on the bike get a superior, dismissive smile.

Now you know, it is all in the mind.


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